Thomson Reuters added UK Supreme Court dockets to Westlaw.

  • It replaces the time-consuming task of checking the UK Supreme Court website and allows lawyers to access real-time updates on Westlaw.
  • Enables users to efficiently find, track and understand litigation in the UK High Court and Supreme Court with practical and content only available on Westlaw.

London, March 16, 2023 – Thomson Reuters is providing lawyers with more comprehensive coverage of UK courts and real-time updates, editorial case analysis and content collections exclusive to Westlaw UK. with addition UK Supreme Court documents on Westlaw Available March 22, legal researchers will have easy access to High Court and Supreme Court proceedings by integrating with Westlaw’s capabilities that improve their workflow and enable them to work more efficiently.

A docket – a record of the events of a dispute as it moves through the courtroom – begins when a claim is filed and records each procedural step through to adjudication. Documents show what issues are occurring, their status, who the parties and representatives are, and next steps.

The UK Supreme Court docket system contains information about court cases – both decisions and current – since 2009, when the Supreme Court replaced the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords as the UK’s highest court. Thomson Reuters has added UK Supreme Court dockets to Westlaw UK in response to client inquiries.

“This update simplifies the time-consuming task of browsing the UK Supreme Court website by updating it in real-time, allowing users to more efficiently find, follow and understand the activities and content of the UK High Court and Supreme Court only available on Westlaw.” Andrew Buckley, Research and Opinion Vice President Thomson Reuters said.

Specifically, UK Supreme Court dockets allow users to easily search for new and ongoing litigation by case status, party name and filing date. Create daily alerts on new litigation, special courts or parties and other information; Monitor individual dockets and be alerted to any changes; Link to expert case analysis and content collections, including practice law from Doctor to Westlaw UK, to easily understand the complete litigation picture.

Buckley added, “This content informs legal professionals that case strategy is being followed by new case law developments or developments on a specific litigation topic. It also formulates business development strategy, helps users to manage demand issues, competitors and customers. And it informs due diligence strategies to easily monitor the competition and identify potential litigation or acquisition targets.

Expanding coverage of the UK court system is a significant update and the latest in a series of Westlaw developments, including the launch of Westlaw Precision, which dramatically improves the speed and quality of research by allowing lawyers to target precisely what they need.

“UK Supreme Court documents will greatly improve workflow for judges and researchers,” said Buckley. “It gives users more confidence that their research is thorough and that they know if something has changed.”

There is no additional subscription cost for UK Supreme Court dockets. In the United States, UK Supreme Court dockets are included as part of the Register of Documents.

To learn more, visit UK dockets on Westlaw Page

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