This is how Twitter has become the main nest of piracy on the Internet

Having become accustomed to the fact that hacking is a secretive thing, hiding among forums and channels trying to escape copyright control measures, it is likely that it will become the drift that Twitter takes on. The most accessible and unpunished focus for pirated movies.

Blue TwitterWhich has caused a lot of controversy, also means an increase in the image quality of the videos uploaded to the little bird’s social network, so it only takes a few steps to find movies of all kinds in HD quality.

Full movies in Twitter threads

Until now, we considered piracy something secret that we didn’t try to be too obvious on Twitter, other than some links to Telegram channels where pirated IPTV links are provided or direct posting of these M3U links.

February 25, 2023 • 01:07

However, ever since Elon Musk came to power on Twitter, hackers have dropped their mask and started Download movies directly through various tweets. Like a thread where someone tells a story, but each one has a bit of a movie in it.

The arrival of Twitter Blue only made things worse. What was once a promise to make Twitter “a more attractive platform for video creators” has ended up being upended. From December 23, 2022, those paying subscribers are allowed to upload 60 minutes of video from the web in 1080p and a file size of 2 GB. In two or three tweets, full movies are uploaded.

Layoffs do not help control piracy

By allowing long video uploads, Twitter has also dealt with the Anti-piracy challenge. Users can post movies or entire episodes of TV shows and series, and social network moderators and automated systems must be on the alert to remove them quickly.

Who Really Created Twitter

Since November 2022, when Twitter’s copyright systems have stopped working For a while, users uploaded entire movies in smaller portions. The new 60-minute video limit makes it easier for offenders to publish copyrighted work with impunity.

As the Twitter team gets smaller and smaller, with Frequent waves of layoffsManual pursuit has been pushed into the background in favor of other departments.