This illegal Pluto TV IPTV service has tried to use the Pluto TV name to grow

Have you heard about Pluto TV .m3u? This illegal IPTV service tried to use Pluto TV’s name and logo to grow this service. Now the Motion Picture Association has filed a DMCA takedown motion to shut down an illegal IPTV streaming service that used the name Pluto TV, according to a torrentfreak.

Pluto TV is a legal streaming service owned by Paramount. Offers a wide range of ad-supported programming. Part of this is owned by Paramount, while other content comes from third parties that Pluto TV has licensed from them.

Pluto TV .m3u was a playlist IPTV service that you could download to watch movies and TV shows for free in compliance with the DMCA’s DMCA revocation of the MPA. It even used the Pluto TV logo to make it look like a legal way to stream content.

Some .m3u playlists only reference legal streams from Pluto TV. It appears that this list was providing unauthorized or paid-for content leading to DMCA takedown requests.

As we are keen on using third party apps and streaming services, claiming to give you access to everything Pluto TV or Netflix has to offer for example. They have increasingly used the names of legal services to deliver pirated content.