This application to watch IPTV on your Android phone is currently the best seller

The term IPTV has, over time, gained more followers. Not only is it one of the alternatives most users use to view online content on their devices, but in many cases, you don’t have to pay anything for it. However, when paying, as in the case IPTV Extreme ProHe deserves.

Watch IPTV on mobile

This application for Android devices, called IPTV Extremo Pro, contains At a price of 1.19 euros. The good thing is that it gives us a series of functions that, for example, we would not be able to find in all the free versions. Also, if we look at the reviews, we see that, as a rule, users like it. In fact, out of the 10,300 reviews it has collected on the App Store, it has an average of 4 stars. And not forgetting that you already have it Over 500,000 downloads.

Iptv Extreme Pro

In this case, it should be clear that the standard application does not contain any kind of TV channels. That is, like the rest Mobile apps to watch IPTV online-You have to add IPTV list (in m3u format) to play the content from the application. In addition, in the description of the application itself, they tell us that they do not offer or sell lists.

Iptv Extreme Pro Android

In terms of compatibility, we must have an Android device. But, not all versions are valid, you must have a mobile phone or tablet with it Android version 4.4 or higher. Although today it is rare to see a smartphone of this version.

IPTV Extreme Pro features

If we take a look at the functions of this IPTV Extremo Pro application, we can find how they tell us that it is a good option if we use it regularly. VLC or IPTV package for Dreambox to watch TV. Likewise, after paying for the app, we will not have to put up with any kind of advertisement. As for the rest of the functions, this is what it offers us:

  • It has an integrated player (advanced and mild).
  • Supports Chromecast.
  • It has parental control.
  • Supports remote control.
  • Allows us to save / restore settings.
  • It has support for m3u lists and Multi EPG (TV Guide).
  • EPG auto update.
  • Alias ​​control in EPG.
  • All EPG providers are included.
  • Support for icons of different sizes.
  • Software can be downloaded upon request.
  • It gives us the option to record Live Programs with a time limit, as well as adding timers to the recording.
  • It comes with more than 10 available themes.
  • Register control table.
  • Autostart function at startup.
  • Memory function for events in the TV guide.
  • Find similar programs in the TV guide.
  • Time is running on EPG.