They could be shutting down Pluto TV very soon, what’s the reason? This IPTV Lists

We must bear in mind that here we find an online service that offers us hundreds of channels, depending on the region from which we arrive, for free. Of course, in order for everything to remain the same and we do not have to pay a single euro, the platform sets a condition for us.

We mean the service flow Used by approved and official apps and platforms. This is why Pluto TV is free as the revenue is generated through ads. The problem now comes from some .m3u playlists of your channels that are easily accessible. As you can imagine, the advertising and monitoring mechanisms used are dispensed with.

This is exactly why I complained before AMP, the organization that cares about copyright. It ensures that these playlists with a Pluto TV ChannelsIt facilitates hacking. It must be said that these channels offer all kinds of audiovisual content. Here we refer to films, series, documentaries or sporting events, among many others.

Pluto TV has been accused of encouraging piracy

We have to keep in mind that we can access all of this from mobile devices, the web, Fire TV, CamelChromecast, consoles, and more. Obviously, all this using the corresponding official applications. Thus, Pluto TV must be used through an approved program, although we don’t even need to register. It is believed that these applications play a major role in the operation and existence of platform. All this through advertising mechanisms that actually generate income for the service.

If this starts to be disrespectful, there may come a time when the platform stops working or at least offers its free plan. There are users who prefer to use other applications to play, which may be a serious problem for the future existence of Pluto TV. In this way, the advertising content is skipped. In addition, the tracking methods offered by these official applications that we are talking about are also skipped. Obviously, this casual use has a direct impact on your business model and has an impact on income.

This is exactly where Playlists in .m3u format And that they may jeopardize the online TV platform in the future. They are usually used on any media player and make a call to internet sites, as in. In fact, those of Pluto are configured to access the official broadcast content. And downloading a .m3u playlist from Pluto TV is quick and easy.

From there we can use it in VLC player, for example, since it allows live streaming. This gives many people access to all this content in the form of channels without using it official applications from the platform. Hence, the aforementioned complaint has now been filed, which states that these playlists promote piracy, so they should be considered illegal. The same was done against the GitHub repository that provided this content through a file called PlutoTV_mr.m3u that has now disappeared.