These are the risks of using a list of IPTV purchased on the Internet: License has its risks

It is a fact that many users currently choose to use the IPTV menu to be able to replace services like Netflix or HBO when it comes to consuming streaming content. The main reasons for choosing this product are economical, as it is achieved You have really extensive content without having to pay tons of money every month. And although everything looks really beautiful, the truth is that it also has various risks that must be taken into account.

The first thing to keep in mind is that in recent years we have seen more and more persecution of this type of list by content providers. The soccer sector has been one of the big sectors that has never stopped making its claims He has tried to dump many listings that offer football closedOr so that users don’t have to pay for it. But you should also consider the legal issues you may encounter.

Legal issues related to unauthorized IPTV

It should be noted that on the Internet there are both legal and unauthorized IPTV lists. The first of these offers completely free and open DTT channels, simply serving as a means of transportation through compatible players. This makes You don’t have to have a TV antenna to watch these channels.But it can be viewed on a PC without any problem.

To Rule

But legal problems begin with unauthorized IPTVs orThey provide content that is protected by copyright and is restricted. Obviously, by violating copyright regulations, many laws are being violated by both the person offering the listing for sale and the purchaser who knowingly acquires it.

This is why the risk you may have in this regard is that the police themselves may do so Knocking on your door to claim you about the unauthorized purchase being made. In our country, when IPTV is interfered with after a copyright claim, state security bodies and forces interfere with all information collected from buyers. In this sense, you will be able to access the IP address, email and even the bank details with which the purchase was made.

Although this is true An exact determination cannot be made using an IP address Among the people who have purchased the subscription to the list, with bank details or phone number, it is possible to identify the person who performed this action without the permission of the author in order to claim legal responsibilities. This is why you should always be very careful with these purchases of products that we know are not entirely ethical.

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Problems processing your data

Another really important point in this case is the processing of personal information that is carried out by distributors of unauthorized IPTV list. On many occasions behind these web pages Promise to access Netflix content Or football players, for little money there are people who will mistreat the data because it is not reliable.

And it is that your data can be used for many illegal purposes to be able to buy IPTV list. In this case, your name, email address, payment method, or ID may be used to perform identity theft operations to perform contracts on your behalf. One of the most notorious cases is the SIM card you’re after has been swapped Request a copy of your SIM card to be able to access your bank account. But you can also face the fact that the loan is contracted through websites that hardly ask for personal information, except for the payment method to collect the installments.

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This is also added to the possible extortion of your personal information, so that you pay the attackers not to publish your most sensitive information on the Internet. This is something closely related and It is a risk that applies to all of the unauthorized IPTV lists To make any type of purchase on a web page that does not have a good data protection policy that protects all information.

Forget about requesting a refund

In the event that something does not happen as expected while you are using the IPTV list, or you simply cannot download the file that was promised, then you certainly cannot claim. As we mentioned earlier , Many of the web pages advertising the sale of this type of service are, after all, simple fronts With a form for you to enter your data and without any kind of response. In these cases, getting your money back is practically impossible, and there is no place to claim it in court either.

Most of these pages are located in a location where there is no clear consumer protection legislation. from here There will be no customer service system With whom you can quickly connect and get answers.


The service does not deliver on promises

Another risk that you run into when paying for an IPTV list not directly to the person in charge of streaming the content, is their quality. Sometimes they can promise you a great catalog with the highest quality and without any kind of cut. But many times that wasn’t the case, because it was because of the state of the servers The resolution at which the content will be transmitted will be very low Because of this, you will not be able to enjoy it as promised by your team.

Another problem that you face and, as we said before, that you will not be able to get a refund, is the cuts that can occur while playing some content. Mainly, this lies in The number of users trying to download a soccer game or series which you also see, which causes the buffer to be loaded. But this is a problem especially for live broadcasts.

In short, we are dealing with a tool that can cause us many problems on a daily basis if we get it unauthorized. It is true that some of them can be of high quality and do not comply with these dangers, but the vast majority have a completely different purpose than what they advertise.

The fines are absolutely real

On some occasions, you can go so far as to sin by saying that these economic sanctions may never reach your home, seeing as it is impossible for them to end up locating you. But the truth is that there are different precedents in which many people received this fine in Italy. Precisely at the end of 2022 it was seen in Italy as 1,600 people received a letter with fines of up to 1,032 euros in some cases.


These penalties came thanks Various operators who have cooperated with the authorities to track IPTV users Through the IP address and also the data they provided. The result of the operation was the intervention of 500 IPTV channels and several dozen Telegram channels. One of the most important collaborators was the Sky Italia service.

For this reason, however vague it may seem that we will receive a penalty in our own home, we see how the European countries They act aggressively. And no, they don’t stay with those responsible for the unauthorized IPTV, but end up investigating even the buyers themselves.

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These are the risks of using a list of IPTV purchased on the Internet: License has its risks

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