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UK media giant Sky has asked GitHub to remove the website and APK file of popular IPTV app CucoTV. The developer platform responded by taking the CucoTV repository offline. However, the app’s main website, which is hosted on GitHub, remains up and running.

KokotvWith 70 million users and over 200 million code repositories, GitHub is the largest online developer platform of its kind.

The site is used by individual programmers and large organizations to host any piece of code visually imaginable. In addition, GitHub Pages can also be used as a website hosting service.

While most of the projects are completely legitimate, some attract negative attention. Every week, GitHub receives dozens of takedown notices from copyright holders alleging that their content has been posted or linked to without permission.

These complaints often refer to code or files that are hosted in a GitHub repository. In some cases, target projects also have their own GitHub page, using a custom subdomain.

The latter also applies to the IPTV streaming app CucoTV, which has become the go-to tool for many people who want to watch movies and TV shows without paying for a subscription. Internet Full of guides and how-tos Explain how to set it up and operate it.

Theoretically, the app could have legal uses but that probably isn’t how most people use it. In fact, the CucoTV Twitter account is not beating around the bush and highlighting the hacking potential of the app out in the open.


As shown above, CucoTV is hosted on the GitHub page, and the official repository is on GitHub as well. This prompted British media giant Sky to step in. With help from its anti-piracy partner Kopjra, Sky has asked the developer platform to remove the “offending” site and APK.

“We write in the name and on behalf of Sky UK Limited, the exclusive owner of distribution and exploitation rights for Sky UK channels. This IPTV (CucoTV) application includes illegal and unauthorized Pay Tv Sky UK TV series: Gomorra,” reads notice.

The notice continues by explaining how the app can be used to access the copyright-infringing material. To stop this activity, Github was asked to remove the page and APK file, which are hosted in the repository.


So far, the results of these removal efforts are mixed. When we checked this morning, it was the APK file Actually inaccessible, replaced with a placeholder for DMCA removal. However, the main remains online.

In fact, the CucoTV website is still fully functional, and the APK file can still be downloaded.

At this point, we don’t know why GitHub didn’t take any action against CucoTV. the associated warehouse It’s still online, for now, as is the APK file that’s hosted there. This repo is associated with a user other than the target Sky user, which may be part of the explanation.

Interestingly, this isn’t the first time Sky has attempted to take down the site. The company’s Italian branch recently sent similar takedowns maybe And June, without the desired effect. Maybe they will try again in the near future.