She is the new victim of pirated IPTV

There are free TV platforms such as Pluto TV that operate in a format known as FAST TV (Ad-supported free streaming TV) It is funded by advertising and this is the next target for hackers: pirated IPTV lists with Pluto TV without ads.

Pluto TV is compromised by pirated IPTV

The condition for using Pluto TV is that it must only be consumed by a approved software. In Spain we can access Pluto TV through their websiteAnd starting today, we will be able to access all of its content through the following platforms: windows (Microsoft Store), Xbox consoles, Amazon Fire TV android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung TV, Samsung TV+, LG Smart TV, LG channels, Hisense TV, Sony PlayStation 4, PS5, Android devices and iOS devices.

In addition to compatibility, the use of these devices also ensures the closure of the ecosystem and the monetization of its contents. Hence, when we see that pirated IPTV lists start to appear and some of them are configured to access Pluto TV streams from their official sources and thus avoid ads, It makes Pluto TV’s livelihood dangerous.

Hence, now a Complaint from the Motion Picture Association to GitHub stating that these playlists promote piracy and should therefore be considered illegal. The same thing was done Opposite the github repository which provided this content through a file called PlutoTV_mr.m3u which has already disappeared for the time being.

Even if it is free, it is also a piracy

The language used in the complaint states that the MPA displays pirated IPTV playlists to cut The FAST TV services are threatening and illegal under copyright law.

M3U Lists

“We are writing to let you know and request your assistance in addressing the widespread infringement of film and television copyright that is occurring due to the playback of the playlist file, PlutoTV_mr.m3u, hosted and available for download from their GitHub repository at [ubicación anterior del repositorio]Specifically, in the URL, the repository hosts and offers to download the playlist, which in turn is used to Severe copyright infringement of movies and TV shows“.

GitHub responded by removing the playlist and the linked repository no longer exists. While this solves the immediate problem, Pluto TV’s playlists and playlists for many other similar platforms They won’t disappear overnight.