Schools ban ChatGPT AI tool, fear students will cheat, challenge

  • Some of the nation’s largest school districts are blocking San Francisco-based OpenAI’s new ChatGPT tool on school networks and devices.
  • Education technology experts have urged schools to train teachers and students on how to use ChatGPT and artificial intelligence.
  • OpenAI told USA Today that it is working to create a way for teachers to capture students using the text generator to answer questions on tests or assignments.

Since ChatGPT’s launch in November, the nation’s largest school districts have banned the artificial intelligence chatbot, fearing students will use the quick text generator to cheat or cheat.

Teachers and professors worry that the technology will make it too easy for students to bypass software that detects students using information that isn’t theirs to take shortcuts on essays or other written assignments and tests. work.

Jumping to ban the device may not be the right move, but educational technology experts say that since AI will be a part of young people’s future, it should still be in the classroom.

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