Probably the best free IPTV player on macOS, Linux and FreeBSD (supports hardware acceleration and audio 5.1 / 7.1)

Now, TheNewPlayer supports macOS, Linux and FreeBSD!


– Update #3 –

Deepin Linux is supported!
Maybe it will work under Ubuntu.

– Update #2 –

Version 1.5.x supports hardware decoder (WAP acceleration) and physical 5.1 audio channels.
You may need a physical USB audio external adapter and 5.1 headphones or system output to support.

– Update #1 –
1.4.1 Engineering, translation support and on-screen information have been released.

—- Please keep in mind that this project is still ongoing —-

hi guys,

I am making IPTV and disc/iso/image player on macOS, the software is written by C++, based on ffmpeg library and OpenGL rendering.

The project homepage is:


It is probably the best IPTV player for macOS so far.

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know.



First, there are already many nice players in macOS – mpv, VLC, IINA, etc. mpv is based on ffmpeg and SDL2 – SDL library rendering efficiency is not high and it lacks user friendly GUI, VLC HD media quality is a nightmare and no The graphical user interface is convenient to use. IINA is the “shell” of mpv, and it is built on top of libmpv.

Secondly, the current IPTV players, blueray players and original disc images (BDMV, ISO, …) are not good on macOS or there are no such players under macOS.

Above are my motivations for starting this project.

My goals:

1. Rewrite a player from below, including OpenGL rendering, decoding, GUI, etc.
2. Hardware decoding/encoding supported.
3. Target the next-gen player for macOS.
4. LUA script support.
5. Automatic subtitle search and download.


for Linux (Ubuntu)

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6. Jpg
7. Jpg