Linux Mint continues to develop Hypnotix as a new open source IPTV player


Linux Mint has recently started developing a new open source Linux IPTV player. This “Hypnotix” project is moving forward and will be integrated with Linux Mint 20.1 while also being available as a standalone Debian package.

Over the course of November, developers working on Hypnotix added support for the ability to configure between multiple IPTV providers, support for configuration via M3U playlists, various settings can now be controlled, and it can also handle video-on-demand (VOD) libraries for movies and TV series. Hypnotix has also added support for querying IMDB information for movies or TV series while watching them.


For now at least the app is fairly simple and written with GTK3 interface. Hypnotix also powers live TV programming, PVR recording capabilities, favorites, and more.

Hypnotix will officially debut with Linux Mint 20.1 while existing Debian packages are also available for testing. Those who want to know more about this mature open source Linux IPTV player can stop by Linux Mint blog.