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IptvThe Spanish football league of the first division, La Liga, is A corporate giant.

During the 2020/21 season, LaLiga clubs generated revenues of approximately €3.2 billion and with the help of LaLiga’s anti-piracy department, the football group only wants to see this increase.

Movistar Plus +, owned by Telefónica, one of the world’s largest telecommunications and internet companies, is the largest TV subscription platform in Spain. With DAZN sports broadcasting, Movistar Plus+ has a distribution deal to broadcast LaLiga matches until 2027, and all involved would prefer LaLiga fans to pay for their content, not pirate it.

LaLiga and Movistar have previously made separate efforts to curb piracy by going after popular sports streaming website RojaDirecta and cooperating with the police to crack down on pirate IPTV suppliers. However, in the background, one of the main goals is to increase and improve ISP blocking.

LaLiga & Movistar Plus + Win improved blocking powers

In Thursday’s announcement, Telefónica revealed that Movistar Plus+ and LaLiga have emerged with a joint win after a lawsuit was filed with Commercial Court No. 9 in Barcelona.

The court heard that enhanced ISP blocking powers are necessary to protect the companies’ rights. Given the fluid nature of pirated IPTV and other streaming services, it is no longer enough to ban domain names and IP addresses and hope that they will remain the same over time.

Instead, ISP blocking should be smarter – more Moving – This cannot be achieved by frequent visits to the court to obtain permission. The court agreed and, on July 25, issued a decision that will allow LaLiga and Movistar Plus+ to respond in due course.

Once new URLs, domains, and IP addresses of hacking services are identified as infringing corporate rights, they will be banned on a weekly basis, without the need to pre-select a court. The new arrangement follows in the footsteps of previous blocking orders won by La Liga.

And the Telefonica statement added: “The decision will be valid until the 2024/2025 season, and it will start working from the week of August 8, before the start of the first division football on August 12.”

Movistar Plus+ is victorious in a separate lawsuit

Given that effective blocking orders must be enforced across all ISPs, it is not surprising that Movistar Plus+ wants local ISPs to protect its content. In addition to the LaLiga deal, the subscription TV platform holds rights to UEFA competitions and has agreements with DAZN, Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video, among others.

The decision of July 27 by Commercial Court No. 6 of Barcelona should help Movistar Plus + achieve its goals. Valid for three sports seasons until the end of the football leagues in the 2024/25 season, the order allows the pay-TV platform to provide local ISPs with frequently updated IPTV blocking instructions.

“[T]Telefónica states that the list does not need court approval and covers all Movistar Plus+ content, not just football matches.

One Spanish carrier that wouldn’t mind helping Movistar Plus+ is Orange España. While it competes directly with Movistar, a telecom company also owned by Telefónica, Orange recently Make a deal With Telefónica to provide coverage of LaLiga and UEFA matches in Spain.

What can drive people to piracy IPTV?

The announcement comes on the heels of a new Uswitch report revealing that Premier League fans in the UK will need to dig deep if they want to enjoy the new season on TV. After subscribing to Sky Sports, BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video to access all televised matches (but not all matches played), the average cost for a fan watching all of their team’s matches would be £21.93 per match.

However, fans of Bournemouth, Fulham and Nottingham Forest – the three promoted teams – will pay £35.67 per game to watch their favorite club, based on how often each team’s games are televised. added.

For perspective, users of pirated IPTV services in the UK and Spain are likely to pay less than £10 / €10 per month for several thousand channels, including every match and event offered by the Premier League, LaLiga, Serie A, NHL, NBA, and UFC. Plus every movie and TV show, including everything Netflix, Disney+, and Prime Video have to offer.

Expensive TV sports packages have been known to drive the uptake of cheap pirate IPTV services, so until something changes to make legal options more affordable, ISP bans will try to frustrate fans towards legality. What the ban cannot do is put more disposable money into people’s pockets.

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