iTop Screen Recorder Pro Free License Key for One Year (2023)

iTop Screen Recorder Pro Free License Key for One Year (2023)

iTop Screen Recorder Pro License Key is a robust and adaptable screen recording application that makes it simple for users to record their screen activity.

Itop Screen Recorder Pro Free License Key For One Year (2023)

Video calls and meetings can be recorded, tutorials can be made, and games can be recorded with this tool. However, in order to activate iTop Screen Recorder’s PRO features, a license key is required.

This article explains how to use a License Key to activate the full version of iTop Screen Recorder Pro and provides some 100% working Free License Keys for a Year.

iTop Screen Recorder Pro is a great option whether you just want to record your screen or are a professional content creator.

iTop Screen Recorder Pro: What is It?

A piece of software called iTop Screen Recorder Pro lets users record their screen activity, including video and audio.

It can be used to make tutorials, record games, record meetings and calls over video, and more. The software typically provides a variety of recording modes, including full screen, window, and region, as well as settings for audio, frame rate, and recording resolution.

iTop Screen Recorder Pro License Key Features:

iTop Screen Recorder Pro is a feature-rich screen recording software, here are some of its key features:

  1. Recording modes: iTop Screen Recorder Pro offers several recording modes, including full-screen, window, and region recording. This allows users to select the specific area of the screen they want to capture.
  2. Recording settings: The software allows users to customize various recording settings, such as resolution, frame rate, and audio settings. This ensures that the captured video will be of high quality.
  3. Audio recording: iTop Screen Recorder Pro allows users to record audio from the system sound or from a microphone. This is useful for creating tutorials or recording video calls.
  4. Video editing: The software includes basic video editing tools that allow users to trim, cut, and merge videos after they have been recorded.
  5. Hotkeys: It allows users to set hotkeys to start, stop, and pause recording, which makes it more convenient and efficient.
  6. Compatibility: iTop Screen Recorder Pro License Key is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  7. Output format: The software supports multiple output formats, such as MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, and more.
  8. High-Definition recording: It supports high-definition recording which ensures that the videos are captured with the highest possible quality.
  9. Watermark: The software allows you to add a watermark to your recordings to protect your work from unauthorized use.
  10. Cloud support: iTop Screen Recorder Pro serial key supports Cloud storage to save the recorded videos, this ensures that your videos are safe and accessible from anywhere.

These are some of the key features of iTop Screen Recorder Pro, although specific features may vary depending on the version of the software.

iTop Screen Recorder Pro Free License Key – 1 Year 

Activating the full version of iTop Screen Recorder Pro requires a License Key, which is a unique code that unlocks the full version of the software. Here are some of the working license codes for this software that you can use to activate the PRO features.

iTop Screen Recorder Pro 3.2 License Code – E6944-C22EA-A5319-CBE43

Use this license key for 1-year support- DA68C-CABB1-F5123-13943


C2BA6-6DEEA-FBB54-D5A43 – (328 Days)

iTop Screen Recorder Pro Activation Keys

  • 2VZ6Z-2XKTT-8Y27U-3TLXW