IPTV list disappears with almost 8000 channels from all over the world!

From now on, you can access this IPTV playlist It looked completely legal, is disabled. entrance Github repositoryIt tells us the following: “Access to this repository has been disabled by GitHub staff due to a violation of the GitHub Terms of Service. If you are the repository owner, you can contact GitHub Support for more information ».

The same thing happens if we enter the link of some of their M3U lists, which It returns a 404 error: “The file was not found. The location configured at this address does not contain the requested file.”.

Almost 8,000 free channels are in the trash

IPTV-org was an alternative that brought together more than 8,000 TV channels available from all over the world, with a large selection of countries among them. There were more than 1000 channels in
SpanishWith English being the dominant language. These were offered for free so the fact that nothing was paid to get these channels made us believe that it was just a compilation of the official sources and did not violate the rights.


They basically served a large list of international channels and another list that contains adult content. In addition, on the GitHub web page that we left you above, we found that the IPTV listings are divided into different sections: categories, language, country or region, which made it really easy to find the content we liked.

When it was still working, we found other sections so that we could quickly access the TV content that interests us. For example, we will find existing playlists Sort by category. In this tab we watched Comedy, Kids, Entertainment, Music, Series and much more.

On the Github website where the project is stored, we can see a section called «grouped by country». There we can search for lists filtered by country. It was enough to view this section by clicking on “Expand” and a list of all available countries will open. It was enough to copy the URL of the respective country (in the case of Spain, broken) to import it into VLC or any other player.