How to translate any website from your phone

There’s a whole world outside of your English-speaking corner of the Internet, so you’ve probably come across a website in a language that’s not your own.

When you do, modern mobile browsers can translate the text in two taps, so resist the temptation to quickly hit the back key. The accuracy of these devices is not perfect, but the technology behind them is improving, and even with some errors, you can still understand the main idea and details in a story.

What you need to do to translate a website on your mobile device depends on the browser you choose. In most cases, the application will assume that the language you are most fluent in is the language in which your phone is configured and controlled. System And Languages ​​and input On Android through settings and General And Language and region In Settings on iOS.

How to translate websites on Google Chrome application

Google has both a popular mobile web browser and a translation engine, so when you open a foreign language website in Chrome, you’ll see an overlay at the bottom.Android) or above (iOS) of the screen, offers to translate for you. Tap English (Android) or translation (iOS) to resolve the content.

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The translation will remain on the website until you turn it off, so if you’re browsing through links on the page, text will still appear directly in English. If you want to switch back to the original language on your Android device, tap on the translation bar. On iOS, tap and select the Google Translate icon on the left side of the address bar Show original.

To automatically translate specific languages ​​or sites, tap the three dots (Android) or the cog icon (iOS) on the right side of the translation popup. You can also manage these options by tapping and selecting the three dots in the top-right (Android) or bottom-right (iOS) corner of the Chrome interface. settings And Languages.

How to translate websites on the Microsoft Edge application

edge (b Android And iOS) comes with its own translation engine. Open a website in a language other than your own, and suggestions for translating it will pop up at the bottom (Android) or top (iOS) of the screen. Tap to accept the translation, which will continue as long as you stay on the same site.

If Edge detects a language incorrectly, you want translations to work automatically, or you want to exempt the current site from future translations, tap the three dots (Android) or the cog icon (iOS) on the overlay that appears. On Apple devices, these additional options appear as an additional step before translating a site.

Reload the page to return to the original language and decline the translation when prompted. You can also configure how the browser manages translations through the browser’s app settings: Tap the three dots at the bottom of the Edge interface, then select settings, GeneralAnd Microsoft Translator.

How to translate websites on the Apple Safari app

Safari comes with a built-in browser iOS And you can take care of all your translation needs. Load a website in a language other than your iPhone’s default, tap the AA icon to the left of the address bar at the bottom of the screen, and select Translate to English. From the menu that appears.

You also need to tap Enable translation In the next dialog box, confirm that you are happy for Apple to send the page text to its servers for translation. If not, you have to rely on your own language skills. Safari will remember which sites you allowed to translate the next time you visit them.

The translation persists until you leave the current website, so any links you click on within the same website will be automatically translated, no more privacy pop-ups. To return to the original language on a page, tap the translation icon to the left of the address bar, and then See the original.

How to translate websites on other mobile browsers

Many other mobile browsers are available, including built-in translation options.Good) and some that don’t (Opera). You can always use the translation features integrated into your phone’s software to decipher blocks of text if you want. It’s not as useful as translating whole pages, but it’s better than nothing.

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You need to start by installing on Android google translate App. Open it, tap on your profile picture (top right), select settingsand then Tap to translate To enable the feature. Once that’s done, you should be able to pick and choose text in any of your apps translation To do that from the pop-up overlay.

On iOS, simply select a block of text and select the translation An option should appear (if not, tap the right arrow icon). You’ll need to make sure you’re OK with Apple scanning the text, and if you are, you’ll get a panel showing the translated text. You can have it read to you or copy it to the clipboard on your iPhone.

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