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MpaThe Motion Picture Association (MPA) has been a major player in the fight against piracy for decades, and that position has only strengthened in recent years.

As the driving force behind the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment, MPA She finds herself at the center of an international enforcement agency.

Just a few days ago we reported how ACE was instrumental in shutting down pirated streaming services in Latin America. Pretty much the same time, she was involved in more than a dozen arrests in Singapore, where there are more than 2,500 pirates. Flow boxes are set in Lime Square.

Notorious markets

MPA and ACE can already claim a long list of anti-piracy successes but some of the more egregious threats are still fairly persistent. This is evidenced by the latest overview of “notorious markets” that was just presented to the US Trade Representative (USTR).

An MPA report usually provides a detailed overview of the piracy landscape. This year, the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR) further asked rights holders to explain how piracy affects American workers. According to the Film Industry Group, the effect is significant.

In 2020, there were an estimated 137.2 billion visits to movie and TV piracy sites globally, costing the US economy at least $29.2 billion in lost revenue each year. Specifically, piracy is estimated to reduce employment in our industry between 230,000 and 560,000 jobs,” the MPA writes, citing outside research.

Internet responsibility

The MPA notes that piracy is a global problem that requires cooperation from the broader Internet ecosystem. The responsibility must be borne by services that view themselves as neutral intermediaries, and operate parts of the basic infrastructure of the Internet.

“All stakeholders in the Internet ecosystem—including hosting providers, DNS providers, cloud services, ad networks, payment processors, social networks, and search engines—should actively seek to reduce support for known violating sites,” the MPA wrote.

The industry group views Cloudflare as part of that group and mentions the US company by name in its submission.

“Cloudflare’s customers include some of the most well-known pirate sites in the world, including popular streaming site cuevana3.me and The Pirate Bay,” notes the MPA, adding that repeated notices of the breach have not resulted in any action on Cloudflare’s part.


Notorious’s list of markets is limited to operations outside the US, so Cloudflare itself isn’t one of the targets of the MPA. There are many other Internet services, including many third-party brokers.

Records, hosting, ads and payments

The MPA list of notorious marketplaces calls domain name registries, including the Russian .RU registry and companies that hold registries for .CH, .CC, .IO, .ME and .TO domain names. These continue to keep hacking websites on board, despite the many complaints.

The same is true of payment provider VoguePay, which is said to be very popular among IPTV services. In addition, advertisers such as 1XBET and Propeller Ads are also being called out. The latter company refuted the MPA’s accusations last year but that didn’t stop it from shining a light on them again.

Host companies are also cited as intermediaries who can and should do more. Alternatively, some find themselves lured into piracy with products like “bullet” hosting. Squitter.eu and Amaratu are two examples of this, MPA reports.

Hacking as a Service

In addition to third-party brokers, there is also a category of services that cater to hackers directly. PaaS companies offer these tools that allow people to start a hacking website with minimal effort.

“PaaS includes a suite of often ready-made services that make it easy for would-be hackers without any technical knowledge to set up, operate, and monetize a fully functional hacking operation,” the MPA writes.


The MPA first identified PaaS as a separate category in its report last year. In its most recent review, it again mentions a variety of services such as Collaps.org, which offers a movie hacking CMS, and XFileSharing, which offers a cyberlocker.

“These services are a testament to the scale, sophistication and profitability of modern commercial online copyright infringement. The emergence and development of PaaS services has become one of the major concerns of MPAs and a top priority of their anti-piracy efforts.”

Classic pirate sites and IPTV

The actual pirate sites themselves are also mentioned, including the usual suspects The Pirate Bay, RARBG, and YTS. In addition to torrent sites, the MPA also lists direct download hubs, streaming portals, and link sites, including Uptobox.com, Fmovies.to, and Egy.best.

Many dedicated hacking applications are also mentioned, and MPA also includes a long list of unauthorized IPTV services. The anti-piracy group says it has identified over a thousand pirated IPTV platforms, so the list provided to USTR is certainly not exhaustive.

In fact, the MPA says all companies, websites, and services are part of a broader piracy problem. Those reported in the MPA report are just examples of some of the worst offenders, nothing more.

In the same vein, we’ve also noticed that some “notorious marketplaces” have been removed from the list over time. That doesn’t mean they’re no longer a problem for Hollywood, of course.

In general, it is clear that despite the successes of ACE, MPA still has a lot of work to do. With her filing with the USTR, she hopes to get a helping hand from the US government, perhaps in the form of some diplomatic nudges.

Below can be found a list of all the sites and services featured and ranked in the infamous Market Submission of MPA (pdf). For additional context, we’re highlighting new entries, while also noting those in the 2021 report that have been removed.

Linking and streaming websites

– Cda.pl
Cuevana3.me (new)
– Cuevana.pro (new)
– Dytt8.net, Dy2018.com, Dygod.net, and Ygdy8.com
– Iggy Beast
– Fmovies.to
– Fullhdizlesene (new)
– Gimy. app
– Gnula.se/Gnula.nu
– Hesgoal.com (new)
– KatmovieHD (new)
– Myflixer.to (new)
– NooNoo.tv (new)
– Rezka.ag (new)
– Soap2Day (NEW)
– Community Streaming (new)
– Tamilblasters / Streamblasters / TamilMV (New)
– TheNetNaija (new)
– video
– tadphenesone
– CB01
– Chomikuj.pl
– MrPiracy. top
– pelisplushd.net
– Vimoy
– Rezka.ag
– Topflix.vc website
– Zone-telechargement.com

Direct Download Cyberlockers and Video Streaming Hosting Services

– 1fichier.com
– Search Baidu Ban and Baidu
– DoodStream.com (new)
– Mixdrop.co
– Streamtape.com
– Telegram
– Uptobox.com
– VK.com
– PowVideo.net
– Uploaded.net
– Vivo.sx

Illegal IPTV services

– Apollo Group TV (NEW)
– BIPTV.best and BestBuyIPTV.store
– IcutCord.net (new)
– Iptv.casa (new)
– TheKing365tv website
– King-IPTV.net
– MagisTV
– SatCon Africa
Spider receiver
– IPTVForest.net

Hacking devices and applications

– Lock Lock (new)
– PikaShow
– my network
– SVI Cloud
– TVMob
– Unblock Tech (unlocktech.com)
– PopcornTime
– PopcornTime.one (for kids)

Peer-to-peer networks and BitTorrent portals

– 1337x.to
– Rarbg.to
– Rutracker.org
– ThePirateBay.org
– Yts.mx
– Gimmepeers.com (officially Bitsoup.org)

hosting providers

– Amaretto / Code Dos
– Ddos-Guard.net
– Mnogobyte
– Squitter.eu (ABC Consultancy)
– BlueAngelHost


CH record
– .IO log (new)
– CC record (new)
– ME record (new)
– .ru log
– Register
IS record
Record TV

Payment processors

– VoguePay

Ad networks and online advertisers

– Fan ads
– AdsKeeper
– GetB8.com
PopAds and PopCash
– RefinoHits

Hacking as a Service (PaaS)

– 2embed.ru
– Abyss.to
– Collaps.org
– GDrivePlayer
– WHMCS Smarters
– Son
– pelisplus.icu
– XFileSharing / XVideoSharing
– Embedforfree.co