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Dozens of pirated IPTV providers and illegal streaming sites may face anti-piracy disruption in the coming weeks and months. A new wave of documents filed in a US court show that the Coalition for Creativity and Entertainment is already investigating several platforms, including one that appears to be pulling videos from Warner Media’s official CDN, using Google as an agent.

Ice-New-SmallWhen torrent sites, streaming portals, and IPTV services suddenly disappear or find themselves fighting a lawsuit, it is common for users to be surprised.

Social media platforms including Twitter, Facebook and Reddit are suddenly alive with questions seeking information about what happened to Site X or IPTV Service Y but in many cases potential answers have been available for some time.

If a service’s domain is taken over, blocked by ISPs, or your IPTV subscription is suddenly halted in the face of a lawsuit, early signs of problems can often be found in DMCA subpoenas granted months or even months ago. Years.

Broadcasting Sites for the Future “What Happened?” existing

In recent weeks, the MPA and the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment have obtained new DMCA subpoenas that require Cloudflare and domain name registry Tonic to turn over personal information to the people behind dozens of sites and services.

The apps allege the platforms have infringed on member studios’ rights to a number of films including Morbius, Joker, Frozen, Mortal Kombat and Godzilla vs Kong, as well as the TV series Supernatural and Dark.

Ace-00112 Recall Request

The first application requests information on the following web-based streaming services (Estimated monthly traffic per similar web data, total visits 163+ million) (2.9m), (7.4m), (1.3m), (5.2m), (3.3m), (7m), cliver .me (1m), (37.6m), (22.6m), (10m), (2.1m), (3.1m), pelisplay. co (1.5m) m), (7.1m), (0.2m), (9m), (2.4m), (4.7m), suzihaza. com (7.9m), (9m), (4.1m), (2.5m), (3.7m), (5m), pelis24. se (3.3 m) is also referenced in another DMCA subpoena. Domain Registry requires Tonic to produce information about the domain owner due to alleged infringement of the films Frozen II and Minions.

Cloudflare recall command (1,2,3 pdf) Activator recall command (1,2, pdf)

IPTV Vendors / Providers

IPTV service providers, suppliers, facilitators, and resellers remain prime targets for ACE so they regularly appear in DMCA subpoena applications. The last pair lists several domains and requests the production of personal information relating to them.

“The subpoena requires that you provide information regarding individuals viewing the infringing material across the domains described above:,, and,” the letter to Cloudflare reads.

“This may include individuals’ names, physical addresses, IP addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, payment information, account updates, and account history.”

DMCA subpoena applications for IPTV platforms are a bit more detailed than those filed against standard websites. In addition to details of allegedly infringing content (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, for example), the main domain and portal URL (eg a Stalker directory or an M3U file), backlink URLs are also indicated.

In many cases these URLs are just IP addresses or domains followed by long alphanumeric strings but sometimes there is a gem to be found.

In a DMCA subpoena targeting Cloudflare, listing and as alleged violators of the TV series Supernatural, backlink URLs appear to show Google using an HTTP proxy, to access streams available via the official CDN for Warner Media.

Media Iptv-Warner

Whether any of these sites and services will go down in the coming weeks and months remains to be seen, but the existence of DMCA subpoenas shows that investigations are underway. The data Cloudflare holds often goes nowhere because of the company’s less-than-strict checks but there are many other ways to get the information in as well.

The IPTV subpoenas can be found here (1,2 pdf) and here (1,2,3 pdf)