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Here are a few tips to help you create a successful site.

Design for desktop and mobile devices

A mobile responsive site automatically adjusts images, text, and design elements to display quickly and properly for a mobile phone. According to Google Analytics statistics 60% of traffic is mobile. In the US, it is therefore important that your site is mobile responsive.

Most modern site builders are mobile responsive, but even those may not be 100% perfect. Be sure to always preview designs at different sizes on both desktop and mobile screens. If you notice any errors, you can adjust your design by resizing elements or removing certain elements on certain screen sizes.

Consider pre-built templates and themes

The theme and pattern of the words are usually variable. They are usually pre-made page layouts that include menu navigation from the most common pages (home, about, contact, blog), header and footer. Most themes include sample images and text that you can replace with your own content. You can often customize a global template to best suit your needs.

Most site builders will have a variety of free and premium themes to choose from. Using these will help you get a well-designed site up and running faster than building the site yourself from scratch. That said, not all themes are equal. When adding your content, be sure to preview all of your pages to make sure there are no inconsistencies or errors.

Add an SSL certificate

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a file that encrypts data to and from a website. So, when someone visits your secure website or enters information into any of the fields on your site (forms, usernames, passwords, credit card details), an SSL certificate keeps that data confidential. Having that security on your site is important to the end user, and having an SSL certificate can help improve your ranking in search engines.

Do I need a website builder?

If you want to create a website and have no coding experience, a website builder is the easiest way to do it. Another option is to build your website yourself, but this requires knowledge of coding or hiring a professional. The advantage of hiring someone is that you have full control over how the website looks.

When working with a website builder, you may encounter design issues that the website builder does not support. For example, let’s say you want a dropdown menu, but the theme you’re using doesn’t offer that feature. Or, you may like a certain template but find that you can’t change the color scheme.

Every website builder and every theme within it has different limitations and you just learn what they are as you go. If you don’t need full creative control, you’ll find that the best website builders offer more than enough features to build a professional website.

More web building essentials

Forbes Consulting has compiled a list of other services you’ll need to get your website off the ground and growing. See these guidelines for more important information:

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