Best Website Builder for Artists (2023) – Forbes Advisor

If you want to showcase your artwork in an impressive online portfolio, consider building your website in a format. This website builder is specially designed for the creative community and aims to help artists showcase their work online.

A user-friendly design editor helps you create a stunning website quickly and easily. Thousands of design variations can be achieved with simple adjustments of the fully responsive design templates. Formatting takes a mobile-first approach to website design to ensure your formatting looks unique on any screen size.

You can try the format for free for 14 days. Format offers three plan options including Basic, Pro and Pro Plus. Starting prices range from $3.50 to $12.50 per month (if paid annually). If you plan to host an online store, you need to go with the Pro Plus or Bundle option, which allows you to list up to 1,000 products in your store.

Format offers key features important to artists, including Lightroom and Capture One integration, copyright protections, SSL security, high-resolution images, hosted video, and a variety of premium design features. Professional business tools include client contracts, gallery password protection, client galleries and file transfers.

In addition to building your online portfolio, you can sell prints through a print marketplace or store and manage large photo files in the Photo Storage Cloud.

Who should use it? Format is an excellent platform for hosting an online portfolio, making it a great website builder for photographers, artists, interior designers, fashion designers, music artists, video artists, models and architects.

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