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Square Online offers a completely free plan, which includes unlimited products, SEO tools, omnichannel sales, QR code ordering, multiple shipping and delivery options, and syncs with Square POS. And if you want to try a paid plan for a spin, you get a 30-day free trial, and these plans start at $12 per month, billed annually. For custom URLs, you need a paid plan.

Even on the free plan, Square Online lets you receive postpaid, a four-payment option for your customers. As a seller, you get the funds immediately (minus a small fee), and the customer gets their product immediately. Pay-as-you-go takes the risk, because each registered customer starts with a small amount they can borrow, and as they make payments on time, the amount they can borrow increases with subsequent purchases.

This four-pay option is a great feature for ecommerce stores, whose average shopping cart is $35 or more, making this feature the minimum cart to use. You can accept donations, Google Pay, Square Pay, the Cash app, and Apple Pay on any of the plans.

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Who should use it?

Small businesses looking for free e-commerce website hosting with no strings attached.

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