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The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment has taken over areas previously associated with Firestick Plusman. In addition to the “capture” of the popular repository, the group also seized domains belonging to ACE TV. But the latest takeovers don’t stop there.

Ace LogoThe Global Anti-Piracy Coalition The Coalition for Creativity and Entertainment continues its mission to prosecute, suspend, disable or block a wide range of unauthorized content providers or those who facilitate access.

For years, mass lockdowns and domain forfeits were relatively uncommon, but the alliance, compromised by some of the world’s most powerful entertainment companies, is setting records as it is, albeit largely in the shadows.

Lockdowns and field settings

Instead of taking the more expensive option of prosecuting alleged copyright infringers, ACE regularly uses its considerable power to intimidate opponents into submission. This tactic is unpopular with pirates, but ACE chooses its targets carefully and in the vast majority of cases, can easily win a court battle if it chooses to pursue one.

Instead, pirate players of all shapes and sizes are given the option to settle with an ACE, which can simply mean a promise of closure or may include additional elements such as handing over domains and/or paying a settlement amount. In the past few days and weeks, there has been no shortage of new domains being taken over.

Firestick Plusman / ACE TV

The name Firestick Plusman (FSPM) is well known in the hacking community, with connections to various Kodi addons, IPTV, Android APK, and for providing storage facilities so that they can be accessed and installed by users.

Earlier this year, the disruption was evident when, a repository for software associated with various forms of streaming-related piracy (for example, the ‘Fantastic’ Kodi add-on), crashed, disrupting access to some of the programs listed below. with her.


Aside from the usual rumors that the closure was forced, there was no official confirmation available to the wider public at the time. But this week, the domain used by the popular repository was transferred into the hands of the MPA. This usually happens when the domain/service owner receives a cease and desist settlement offer from ACE members and makes the option to close shop rather than face a lawsuit.

At the same time, three other FSPM-related domains also suffered the same fate.,, and, which were all associated with the provision of pirated IPTV services, are now run by MPA and are now being converted into an ACE anti-piracy portal when visitors access them.

Miscellaneous other fields that also convert to ACE

As TF reported in September, ACE also managed to shut down the IPTV Streams For Us provider, apparently along with other IPTV brands, including one called Nue Media.

We can now confirm that Nue Media was one of the targets as its domain is now in the hands of the MPA and is also turning into ACE’s anti-piracy portal. The same goes for, a domain previously used by Streams For Us.

Problems with IPTV provider The Players Klub (TPK) were also confirmed last month. We were able to identify several domains that were hacked by ACE, including,, and

We can now add several other TPK domains to the list including,, and, all of which display a familiar anti-piracy warning.

Finally, we don’t know much about or, other than they are involved in supplying unlicensed IPTV services. What we can be certain of, however, is that ACE members got in on their operators and forced them to surrender their domains to the MPA, thus adding to the growing list of platforms that disappear into the night after threats from the world’s largest entertainment companies.