8 handy tools for AI-generated meeting notes

Unless you’re adept at multitasking, you may find it difficult to focus on the meeting while taking complete, accurate meeting notes. In this case, it’s best to focus on the conversation and let your AI assistant take notes.

If that sounds like a good idea, read on to discover eight useful tools that can create AI-generated meeting notes.

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Otter is a popular tool for documenting meetings and generating automatic meeting notes. Otter does a great job of identifying speakers, showing live transcripts, and creating AI outlines/summaries for longer meetings. Of course, you can manually highlight items, assign tasks, and add takeaways.

The best thing about this tool is that even when you can’t join the meeting yourself, you can ask Otter Assistant to join meetings and take notes for you. All you have to do is connect Otter to a meeting already scheduled in your calendar and let it take notes.

It works well with Google Meet, Zoom and Groups and has a mobile app too. Otter has a free plan that allows for 300 minutes of monthly transcription. The other two paid plans cost $16.99 and $30 monthly.

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Supernormal is an automated note taker that works seamlessly with Google Meet, Zoom, and Groups. Better yet, if you have a recording of a previous meeting, you can use Supernormal to create notes regardless of the meeting platform. Pre-made templates for different meeting types make the notes more presentable and speed up the process.

In addition to notes, it can generate transcripts and record meeting videos as well as audio. Sharing your recordings is also easy as you can do so via a link. Supernormal supports English, French, Spanish and other languages. The free plan allows you to record ten meetings per month, while the pro plan starts at $15 per month and increases according to the number of minutes.

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MeetGeek is another tool you can use to record your meetings, create short summaries, and share them with colleagues. The tool can insert and record your Meet, Zoom or group meetings using the meeting invitation link. You can also connect your calendar to MeetGeek and let it automatically record your meetings.

In addition to recording the meeting and generating a transcript, MeetGeek also creates short video/audio highlights of important parts of the meeting. It also provides written summaries, stating facts, actions, and concerns. You can add custom keywords that are important to your business and MeetGeek will make sure to add those sections to summaries and highlights.

Other popular features include integration with popular project management tools, meeting templates, and custom branding. Similarly, meeting insights show statistics like silence rate, punctuality, engagement, mood, etc. The basic plan is free, while the Pro and Business plans cost $15 and $29 per user per month.

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If you want a simple, clutter-free tool to record meetings, display real-time recordings, and generate notes, try Colibri. Kolibri maintains a library of all your meetings, allowing you to easily find important information.

Kolibri can create time-stamped notes, find topics, and retrieve customer queries. You can highlight important clips from the live transcript to add to notes during the meeting. You can also create meeting agendas and templates in advance.

Supported conferencing tools include Zoom, Meet, Teams, BlueGen, etc. Colibri has free and two paid plans, costing $20 and $50 per month. However, the AI ​​Notes feature is only available for paid accounts.

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Dubber is call recording software that allows businesses to record meetings, recall them, and gain insights. One of the tools, Notes by Dubber, helps you focus on your meetings by automatically generating meeting summaries. It transcribes the entire conversation and uses AI to extract action items and create executive summaries.

It’s compatible with all popular video conferencing software and automatically transcribes and records your meetings in real time. You can share the audio recording as well as AI-generated actions and summaries with participants. Because it allows you to import recordings, you can create notes from past meetings. Notes by Dubber has two plans, costing $19 and $39 per user per month.

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Instaminutes can summarize your long meetings almost instantly in key ways. While you’re in the meeting, it shows live notes on the side. After the meeting, you can get all the important notes together and quickly go over them again. Works with Meet, Zoom, Webex and Teams.

You can download the Chrome extension or add it to Google Calendar to record and generate notes. Otherwise, you can simply upload audio files and get automatic summaries. The best thing about Instaminutes is that you can train its AI. During the meeting, select the points from the live notes that you want to include.

This helps Instaminutes learn about your requirements and create better notes in the future. If your usage is less than 300 minutes per month, you can choose the free plan. Otherwise, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium, or Small Groups plan for $50 or $84 per month, respectively.

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Semly is a smart tool that generates meeting minutes and summaries, recognizes risks, dates, events and action items. The best part is that you can give voice commands to Sembi to add specific items to your notes during the meeting so you never miss any important information.

Sibley integrates with project management and communication tools, allowing you to organize your notes using Notion or other tools. And if you’re too busy to attend a meeting, Sembi can contact you and share notes afterward. It is available as a web app and a mobile app. The free plan doesn’t allow generating summaries and minutes, so you’ll need to upgrade to Professional or higher, which starts at $10 a month.

Avoma means the most organized meeting assistant. Living up to its name, Avoma offers a number of features that will ensure your meetings run smoothly. One of these features is automatic meeting notes and action items.

Organizes the meeting’s summary points in the form of a bulleted list, dividing items into appropriate categories. In addition to integrating with meeting and calendaring tools, Avoma syncs with your CRM and automatically uploads meeting notes.

Although it can generate notes automatically, there is also an option to take notes manually. It provides live transcription and can identify speakers, topics and custom keywords. If you want to get the AI ​​Notes feature, you’ll have to pay $17 a month or more.

Use an AI assistant to improve your meetings

Taking notes during the meeting can be a hassle, and doing it later means spending more time. So the best way is to use AI tools to create collection notes.

While these note-taking tools can relieve you of some tasks, there are many other repetitive tasks that your AI meeting assistants can delegate and have better meetings.

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