1-Stream IPTV Streaming Software offers an alternative to Xtream Codes

Single Stream Iptv Panel

1-Stream is an IPTV streaming platform with intelligent load balancing that allows service providers to expand their services and integrate geo-location to ensure content is delivered from the nearest available server for faster load times and lower buffering.

One of the popular professional IPTV platforms used to be Xteam Codes for which I wrote a detailed four part review but they started having trouble on September 18th 2019 with a legal dispute in the Xtream Codes IPTV panels due to hacking, even though they are not providing any streams, and it looks like they may not They never go back online, as the last update contesting the claims dates back to January 2021.

A lot has happened in these two and a half years in the IPTV scene with many alternatives, most of them have another similar name but are almost based on the same weak PHP-based platform found in the previous Xtream Codes Panel version 2.9.3, which cannot provide good security , even via its own CMS system (parts on XC servers, parts on own server), as opposed to a standalone system, which means all files are hosted under groups of admin servers.

Renamed, shredded, mixtures, and even the old, outdated XC v.1 returned to glory for some time. However, all IPTV panels seem to have flaws, security vulnerabilities, lots of bugs, and often too many of them to handle. With the 1-Stream panel, I finally found a new generation of IPTV panel, built from scratch, seems to be secure, stable and with a good set of features.

I plan to write a 5-part review of this single-stream IPTV streaming platform which will take some time, but here are some highlights of the software first:

  • conversion system
  • Highly scalable with the ability to combine multiple servers and load balancing
  • High Level Security – It is also possible to obtain multiple logs per connection, detect the source of the connection (VPN, Datacenter or Proxy), and lock subscriptions by IP addresses, countries and number of connections.
  • Live broadcast, VOD (Video On Demand), Radio
  • TV Archive and Timeshift
  • MPEG-TS, HLS, RTMP output
  • Implementation of TV Series and TMDB API
  • RTMP push
  • MAG devices support the STALKER trigger
  • Plugins – auto-blocking, proxies, billing, etc…

More details can be found at Official Websitebut stay tuned for the first part of the review/tutorial soon.